Associaition of Housing Warranty Insurance

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List of the registered housing suppliers
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, MLIT
The International Housing and Home Warranty Association

Approved Inspector for Existing Houses to carry out housing inspections

Now the Law obliges a realtor to notify a seller or a buyer of existing houses that site inspections by an Approved Inspector for Existing Houses are available, which should: clarify the conditions / performance of the house; give consumers accurate and detailed information on the house.
A realtor should be able to introduce suitable inspectors who conduct inspections in accordance with the set inspection standards, and if the inspection has been carried out, the realtor should give thorough explanation to the party concerned.

AHWI is a designated organization by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to conduct training seminars for licensed architects who wish to be an Approved Inspector for Existing Houses.

The inspection result by those Approved Inspectors can be a substitute for the inspection / screening required to take out the Defect Insurance on Traded Existing Houses that AHWI members provide, which is expected to familiarize the insurance.

“HouseR” certificate for existing houses

The government has introduced “HouseR” certification system for existing houses.

Designated trade associations award the HouseR Certificate if the existing house has been successfully through a set inspections by a qualified inspector and proved to satisfy certain conditions including anti-seismic performance.

By assuring the quality of existing houses and giving a peace of mind to a possible buyer, HouseR certificate system is expected to activate the existing house market.

This system is also expected to increase the sales of Defect Insurance on Traded Existing Houses offered by AHWI members because HouseR-rated existing houses could be omitted the inspections/screening required for taking out the insurance.


Meeting the needs of any stage of your housing life

Housing Insurance Companies Designated by the Minister (AHWI members)

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