Associaition of Housing Warranty Insurance

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Housing insurance products

Defect insurance on new houses

Defect insurance on new houses

Features of defect insurance on new houses
Housing insurance companies (AHWI members) insure newly built houses
that are defined under the The Act for Secure Execution of Defect Warranty Liability.
A housing insurance company (insurer) sends a professional inspector to carry out
site inspections during the construction work and/or upon completion of the work.
In cases where the housing supplier is bankrupt, the insurance money will be paid to the house owner.

Defect insurance on new housing is formally called housing defect warranty liability insurance. This insurance is stipulated under The Act for Secure Execution of Defect Warranty Liability and offered by housing insurance company that have obtained approval of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. The insured can be all housing suppliers* including house builders and developers.

As protective measures for consumers, an orderer or buyer of a new house can claim for the insurance against the insurance company if the housing supplier has been bankrupt and there is no repair work carried out for a certain period of time.
The insurance contract is signed between a housing supplier of a new house and a housing insurance company.

* Housing suppliers are:

① Builders
Business persons or companies that has obtained the Contractor’s License and provide new houses based on a construction contract.

② Sellers
Those who are licensed building lots and buildings traders and provide new houses based on a sales contract.

What will be covered

Major structural parts

Parts to prevent rainwater leakage

Housing suppliers have 10-year defect warranty liability under the Housing Quality Assurance Act. When the house does not have a basic durability performance or waterproof performance due to the above described defect, and the housing supplier fulfills his/her warranty liability and repairs the defect, the defect insurance on new houses pays the repair cost*.

*Insurance money may not be paid if the case applies to the exemption clause. Please contact a housing insurance company for details.

Covered Parts
Covered Parts


Housing Insurance Companies Designated by the Minister (AHWI members)
  • KK Jyutaku Anshin:813-6824-9095
  • Organization for Housing Warranty Ltd:813-6435-8870
  • JIO Corporation:813-6861-9210
  • House G-men Co.Ltd.:813-5408-8486
  • Houseplus Corporation:813-5962-3800
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