Associaition of Housing Warranty Insurers(AHWI)

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AHWI Profile

Past Records

AHWI’s own activities

(1)Voluntary services

Production and sales of a book “Case Examples of Housing Insurance Events”
Joint study with National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management

(2)Review Board

Holding the Review Boards
Review on the defect occurrences

(3)Advertisement to promote the housing defect warranty insurance products
on major newspapers and magazines
(4)Various events to promote housing insurance
(5)Participation in various symposiums, conferences and meetings

2011 Living and Housing Forum

2011 Vitalization of the trade of existing houses and housing renovation market

2012 Seminar to promote existing housing market

(6)Participation in AEHWO meetings (2010, 2011 and 2012)
(7)Participation in IHHWC (2008 and 2011)

Projects using government subsidy

(1)Production and distribution of video, Webinar

“Practical guide of The Act for Secure Execution of Specified Housing Defect Warranty Liability”

(2)Projects to vitalization the existing-house market and renovation market (2010 and 2011)
(3)Consultation service of repair/rebuilding of houses in the disaster stricken area
(18 March 2011~30 September 2011)
(4)Building the registry of registered housing suppliers and realtors (2010)
(5)Holding seminars and training sessions

Seminars addressed to housing suppliers to raise awareness of a defect insurance program for renovation works and trading existing houses (2010 and 2011 at 182 locations)
Production of text book “Site Inspection Guide” (2011)
Production of “Insurance payment on housing defect warranty liability insurance”

(6)Research and study

Test of pervious water-proof sheet (requested by MLIT / 2011~2012)

(7)Participation and holding various events

Super Housing Fair in Tokyo (October 2009)
Participation in the seminar – renovation of condominiums (February - March 2010)
Super Housing Fair in Tokushima (August 2011)
Seminar – large-scale renovation of condominiums (February - March 2012 / 8 locations)

Profit-making business

(1)“Housing Eco Points” (ECO promotion project)

Participation in the consortium of the “Housing Eco Points” promotion
Support service of receiving the “Housing Eco Points” application

(2)“Housing Eco Points for reconstruction support in Tohoku area”

Support service of receiving the “Housing Eco Points for reconstruction support in Tohoku area” application

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